Sussex Ramblers Needs Help


Dear Fellow Ramblers,

Sussex Ramblers, who look after the interests of Ramblers’ members in both of the Sussex counties, are once again in need of help in administering our Area.  We have vacancies on Area Council for:

  1. Treasurer - position vacant after next AGM in January 2024, but the new person in the role would need to  shadow the existing Treasurer (Andrew Bonnett) before then.
  2. East Sussex Countryside Officer - position vacant now
  3. Vice-Chairman - position vacant after next AGM 
  4. Area Access Officer (East Sussex) - positions vacant now.

We are looking for individuals who are mobile, enthusiastic and reliable, can attend our quarterly meetings (held in Haywards Heath), and are willing to contribute to Ramblers’ efforts across Sussex.

Of the positions above, the Treasurer role is the most critical as we are unable to function as an Area without the position being filled. The Countryside and Access Officer roles are important to maintaining and extending our footpath network and advocating for Freedom to Roam in Sussex and ensuring that Ramblers have a voice in our dealings with Council Planning and Rights of Way departments and the Vice-Chairman role provides significant support to the leadership of the Area across a range of activities.

Many thanks to all of you who responded to our previous plea for help, and if you can help us again, please do get in touch with me at in the first instance.  I attach a brief summary of the above roles, and can provide more details on request, including full role profiles and estimates of time commitment required in each case.

Thank you,

Roger Abel

Sussex Area Chairman



Area Council Vacancies 

Treasurer:   The Area Treasurer is responsible for making sure that all our income and expenditure is properly recorded and in line with the organisation's policies. This involves planning and preparing annual budgets, preparing quarterly accounts and reports, coordinating activities with Group treasurers, and managing the area bank account, and processing expenses and payments. Whilst a background in finance or accounting is desirable, it is not essential, but the holder needs to be comfortable with numerical data and reports, understand general principles of accounting, good with record keeping, familiar with internet banking and with the use of Microsoft Excel. Comprehensive training and guidance will be provided by Ramblers, as will an extended handover with the current Treasurer. 

East Sussex Countryside Officer: The role involves reviewing planning applications published by the Local Authority and lodging objections on behalf of Sussex Ramblers in the event that such developments are considered to have a detrimental effect on the Sussex countryside and the places where people walk. Written objections are made through a response to the planning process but could also involve site visits and on occasions attendance at public hearings. Experience and knowledge of the Local Authority planning process would be an advantage. The position is suitable for a mature professional individual who is highly reliable, organised, capable of taking initiative and with an ability to articulate strategic issues clearly in written form. The incumbent will need to be comfortable using a computer and the internet and managing information. 

Area Vice-Chairman: The role involves supporting the Area Chair in the leadership of the Groups, helping them to run well, follow good practice and to join in national/area initiatives. The individual needs good leadership, organisation, diplomacy, and communication skills. 

Area Access Officer (East Sussex): This role will act as our focal point for Open Access issues (freedom to roam) in Sussex, working with Ramblers Central Office, Natural England, and Local Authorities, and seeking to promote and develop such areas for our walking communities. The individual will need to be a self-starter who can familiarise themselves with Open Access policy and legal issues and with the ability to influence others.