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 We are a walking and social group based in Brighton and Hove with over five hundred members.  We have two active sub-groups which are loosely based on which days walks take place.  Our regular walks are generally on:

  • Thursday – usually 6 to 7 miles.
  • Saturdays - usually 8-10 miles.
  • Sundays – usually 10+ miles and at a faster pace.
  • We also have some slower, shorter walks on some Mondays, often in conjunction with Brighton and Hove Health walks.
  • During summer months there are some short evening walks, often ending at a pub for a drink.

There are usually between ten and forty people on a walk. Various styles and types of walks are offered. Full details are in our walks programme (click on the title of any walk, highlighted in red, for additional information). The walks programme also shows the target audience (Sundays or, if nothing is mentioned, more likely during the week). It is vital to check the programme or website for any last minute updates.  Every walk in our programme is open to anyone (over 18), provided that they have the appropriate level of fitness. 

Why not try walking with us?  We don't ask you to pay to join us on your first three sample walks.  Afterwards, in order to continue walking with our group, you must become a paid-up member of the Ramblers.  

Click here to apply.  The cost is very reasonable and it also includes other benefits. Please then bring your membership card with you on our walks.


It is important you have suitable equipment for walks. Usually this will be:

  • Walking boots or shoes.
  • Water and snacks.
  • Waterproofs / sunhat.
  • Basic first aid such as plasters etc.
  • Some walkers also bring walking poles.
  • For some walks, a packed lunch may be needed.  (check programme for details)


We encourage lift sharing and fuel costs are shared between all the people in the car. Current suggested rates are 30p a mile. If you accept a lift, please offer to pay your share. Be aware that lifts are offered on the basis that passenger can reach an appropriate pick up/drop off point. It is not always possible to arrange lifts for non-drivers and lifts are offered at the driver’s convenience.

To arrange a lift when coming for the first time:

  • Sundays: post a message asking for a lift on the Meetup site.
  • Thursdays/Saturdays - contact the walk leader who may be able to find a lift for you.

Some of our walks are accessible by bus or train from Brighton and do not require the use of cars. All walks with a public transport option can be found by going to our walks programme and checking the 'no car needed' box under the 'suitability' drop-down on the right. Click on the title of the walk for precise information regarding the starting points.

Before setting out on your journey, you should always check the online programme to see if there are any last minute changes to a particular walk. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are on time and ready for the start of the walk. Remember that postcodes are not always accurate, especially in rural areas and problems can be encountered when using sat-nav technology to guide you to the start point. It is therefore important to check the starting location indicated on the map, as well as noting any specific directions given in the walks programme.


With the exception of Registered Assistance dogs (eg guide dogs), dogs will only be welcome on walks with the express permission of the individual walk leader, whose decision is final. 


Many of our longer walks include a pub or café stop at lunchtime and table places inside may be limited, although it may be possible to make a reservation in advance via the walk leader. Such requests should only be made if you are absolutely certain of attending.

Otherwise, we always recommend bringing a packed lunch as an alternative.  It is important that walkers do not to consume their own picnic lunches in pub gardens unless the landlord has granted permission. 


Leaders and Back markers

Please be aware all our leaders are volunteers and put a great deal of work into arranging a full programme of enjoyable walks.

They work for the safety and enjoyment of the group as a whole, please show them appropriate respect and appreciation. 



  • E’   EASY WALKS for anyone who does not have a mobility difficulty or a specific health problem or is seriously unfit. Suitable for pushchairs if they can be lifted over occasional obstructions. Comfortable shoes or trainers can be worn. Usually flat walks of not more than 5 miles.
  •  ‘L’   LEISURELY WALKS for reasonably fit people with at least a little country walking experience. May include un-surfaced rural paths. Walking boots and warm, waterproof clothing are recommended. May include a few short ascents and descents.
  •  ‘M’   MODERATE WALKS for people with country walking experience and a good level of fitness. May include some steep paths and open country or could be more than 9 miles in length. Walking boots and warm, waterproof clothing are essential.

The Brighton and Hove Group of The Ramblers and its leaders accept no responsibility for any claims arising from the activities of the group. All walk leaders must be fully paid-up members of the Association. All sporting and leisure activities have inherent hazards associated with them and rambling is no exception. In spite of the safety of members being the paramount concern, accidents will occasionally occur. It is important, therefore, that when entering into the activity, each member appreciates that they have a responsibility to identify the hazards and take all reasonable steps to eliminate or minimise the potential for an accident to arise.


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