Sussex Ramblers need you!

Sussex Ramblers need you!

Dear Fellow Ramblers,

Sussex Ramblers, who look after the interest of Ramblers members in both of the Sussex counties, are very much in need of help in administering our Area.  We have vacancies on Area Council for an Area Secretary, Countryside Officers (East and West) and Area Access Officers (East and West).  The roles are not particularly onerous or time-consuming, but we do need people who are mobile, enthusiastic and reliable, can attend our quarterly meetings, and are willing to contribute to Rambler’s efforts across Sussex 

If we are unsuccessful in filling these posts in the very near future there is no doubt that the activities of Ramblers across Sussex are going to be seriously curtailed.  There is a lot more to being a Rambler than just going out for a walk, without our input much of what makes a walk in the countryside a pleasure could very well be put at serious risk.  An accelerated building programme and the lack of funds for County Council rights of way departments are just two of the challenges that confront us regularly.

With a membership in excess of 3000 we must surely have at least half a dozen people who could adequately take on these tasks.   If you think you can help us please get in touch with our Chair, Roger Abel, at in the first instance.

Thank you,

A N Optimist!