On March 26th Brighton's Hullabaloo Quire will be joined on stage by Commoners Choir for their harmonious and hopeful gig, Hope & Anger.

I am writing to let you know because Commoners Choir is wildly witty, passionate and irreverent and the many important subjects they sing about includes the right to roam. In fact they are releasing a single in collaboration with Johnny Cambell that is a celebration of the landscape and those who fought for our rights to access it and a reminder of the importance of the preservation of it. On top of this the Commoners MD Boff Whalley is an avid fel runner and has recently released Faster Louder, a book about mountain running and his love of the countryside.
All the above is my round about way of warmly inviting you to a gig that I think will resonate with members of Brighton and Hove Ramblers and that I know everyone will enjoy.
If you felt you were able to help spread the word about the gig by letting your members know, that would be wonderful. Details of the gig can be found here: https://www.hullabalooquire.org/

Wishing you happy rambles.

Warmest wishes,

Hullabaloo Quire Administrator