July 24

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  • Leader

    hi honey

    long time no see  howya doing.  where you on the yh weekend??

  • Ian where are you? are you ok?

  • Hi ian!I have been trying to send you some laughs.Well your email address not working. Come back as see below attachment.Send

    me a email.my email address is:   mail@dsena.plus.com Bye.Dan

    A message that you sent to the following recipient could not be delivered due to a permanent error. ianbeal@uwclub.net 550:#5.1.0 Address rejected ianbeal@uwclub.net This message was created automatically by mail delivery software on the server. avasout04

  • Leader

    im incognito!

  • Hi Ian, You've now given me '3' friends - how lucky am I as even one 'leader' was quite depressed the site told him he had 'no friends' so well done me!  

    Yes, I did buy my new boots and I think it is because of your friendly advice which is helping us all to accumulate another friend.  Your knowledge was very welcome and made my choice easier.  Maybe wear them on the Btn. to Lewes walk with Claire on Sunday but want to do a lot of 'around the house' walking first before venturing out in them so I am positive they are for me.  

    Just come back from Mick Thatcher's Christmas meal today @ Flying Fish, Isfield which was very good.  Hope to see you on a walk soon.

  • Hi Ian! thank you for your friendly welcome and help to get started.

    I did send you a email last night unfortunately it came back as

    an error in your email address. I want to pay my fees for the membership and and book for x-mass do.I am not sure what to do. I am sure What is below this email will give you a laugh .Bye

    for now Dan.



    This particular joke won an award for the best joke in a competition
    held in Britain.
    Banta Singh walks into a bar in London , orders 3 glasses of beer and
    sits in the backyard of the room, drinking a sip out of each one in
    When he finishes, he comes back to the bar counter and orders 3 more.
    The bartender asks him, “You know, beer goes flat after I fill it in
    the glass; it would taste better if you buy one at a time.”
    Banta Singh replies, “Well, you see, I have two brothers. One is in
    Dubai , the other in Canada and I’m here in London . When they left
    home, we promised that we’ll drink this way to remember the days when
    we drank together.”
    The bartender admits this is a nice custom and leaves it there.
    Banta Singh became a regular in the bar and would always drink the
    same way. He’d order 3 Beers and drink them in turn.
    One day, he came in and ordered only 2 Beers. All the other regulars
    notice and fall silent.
    When he comes back to the bar for the second round, the bar tender
    says, “I don’t want to intrude on your grief, but I wanted to offer my
    sincere condolences on your great loss.”
    Banta said, “Everyone’s fine; both my brothers are alive. The only thing is. .
    I have QUIT drinking!”


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