Sandra Down


It's with great sadness that I have to inform you that Sandra lost her fight with cancer last Sunday. She was a member of Brighton and Hove Ramblers for many years and co-led 25 - 30 weekends away which were always meticulously planned and she would send out a sizable booklet of information on the local area as this sort of organisation was something she loved doing. It was quite common for Sandra to start walks she led with a “history lesson” or local anecdotes and she was always keen to share information she had discovered. It was on one of the weekends away, to Malden, in Essex, that she disappeared for an evening out with John who she had recently met on another trip, and she later ended up moving that area to live with him. Despite leaving Brighton she continued to visit us regularly and still supported other in leading our walking weekends for sometime. More recently Sandra and John have joined a  number of our Thursday walks and even those who didn’t know her well will have been engaged by her cheerful friendly nature and the bright, but always well co-ordinated colours that she usually wore. Her career was in catering and even when she stopped doing it professionally, Sandra loved baking so would organise elaborate picnics for herself and John, with home made cake, for the coffee breaks on walks. As recently as this spring Sandra was planning her next trip down to Brighton and we’re all very sorry she never made it.

(This was written by Diana Jones)