Restarting Group Walks

Dear BAHR member,

You may be aware that as of 30th July Ramblers has authorised the restart of group walks. However, there are a number of conditions, based on government guidelines, we are required to follow – https://bit.ly/2Y6eDqg. They are there for our safety and well-being so please take them in this spirit . The key points are:

  1. Maximum group size of 30,

  2. Walk leaders are required to complete a Risk Assessment Form for each walk and keep it for 12 months,

  3. Walkers need to provide contact details (name, email or phone) for Track and Trace. This will be kept for 21 days and then destroyed,

  4. Maintain physical distancing as best you can during the walk.

After consultation with our walk leaders we are pleased to let you know that we are planning to recommence group walks from early September. Our aim is to change as little as possible what we have been used to so as many of you who want to can participate. Please note that the plan which follows will doubtless change as we feel our way forward:

  1. Maximum group size (subject to review):

    1. Thursday/Saturday: 15

    2. Sunday: 20
      Walk leaders may choose to set a lower limit if they prefer.

  2. Walks will be open only to Ramblers members,

  3. Walks will be advertised on the Ramblers Walk Programme (https://bit.ly/2DQCXWz) and, where applicable, MeetUp. Places will need to be pre-booked. Walkers who haven't pre-booked may be turned away.

  4. Booking a place on a walk:

    1. Thursday/Saturday:

      1. MeetUp for walk leaders wanting to use this system. A link will be provided on the walk info,

      2. For walk leaders who do not want to use MeetUp use the contact details provided on the walk info.

    2. Sunday: MeetUp - a link will be provided on the walk details.

  5. Track & Trace: when booking a place on a walk you will be asked to provide your name, contact details (phone or email) and Ramblers membership number,

  6. Minimise use of public transport and car sharing: walks will begin from the actual start of the walk i.e. not Preston Park station, Rose Garden or bus stop,

  7. Use of pubs & cafes during a walk: we are asking walk leaders to plan for picnic lunches. This will be reviewed as we approach autumn and winter or government guidelines change. By all means use pubs/cafes at the end of the walk!

All this is new to us, as it is to you, and we're all very much on a learning curve. I therefore ask you to provide as much help and support as you can to our wonderful volunteer walk leaders who will be shouldering the burden of getting us back to group walking and, once again, enjoying our beautiful countryside and one another's company.

We very much hope you will join us!

Stuart Ellis (Chair) and BAHR Committee