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Anyone interested in giving their views on the EU Referendum to BBC Radio Sussex?

We've been approached by BBC Radio Sussex who are seeking four volunteers to take part, whilst on a walk, in a series of four discussion programmes leading up to the EU Referendum.  The four walks, lasting between one and two hours, will take place on Friday 27 May and 3,10, and 17 June.  They're looking for somebody who will definitely vote out, somebody who will definitely vote remain, and two who have not yet made up their minds, but who are leaning in each direction respectively.  The idea would be to record the discussion on each walk about developments in the debate during the preceding week.  No political experience is required, but ideally the same participants do need to commit to all four sessions.  If you are interested, please let me know as soon as possible at chair@bahr.org.uk or 01273 540421 

Mike Bates

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